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Privacy Policy

 Ziraat Participation Bank Privacy Policy

​Ziraat Participation Bank Inc. takes the necessary measures for the maximum privacy and security of the information of clients within the framework of the related legal legislation and applies the below mentioned matters in the website of our Bank ( and our online branch.

  • The information of the clients is received via the website of our Bank only for the product and service applications; and product and service applications and sales transactions are carried out by receiving the information of the clients or by using the available registered information.
  • All types of personal information demanded for the product and service sales/applications via the website of our Bank or our online branch or the information which is available in the system of our Bank and which can be viewed via the online branch is under no circumstances shared with third parties without the prior consent of the clients. Upon request, the information of the clients will only be shared with legal bodies and authorities having the authority to access client information.
  • The access of third parties to the information of our clients entered on the website or via the online branch is banned. Necessary measures have been taken by the maximum reliability level of the system and internet infrastructure of our Bank in order to protect privacy of the personal information of our clients.
  • If it is deemed as necessary, our Bank receives supporting services from different institutions and makes sure that the concerned institutions act according to the privacy standards and conditions of the bank.
  • The security and privacy of the links provided on the website of our Bank is not under the responsibility of our Bank. Our bank may not be held liable for the pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses that may occur on these sites.
  • Information, materials and copyrights published on the website of our Bank and the intellectual property rights for their regulation belong to Ziraat Participation Bank Inc. Our Bank reserves all of its copyrights, registered trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights on all of the information and materials contained in our website, other than the materials owned by third parties.

Our clients/visitors acknowledge and accept the above-mentioned conditions by accessing to the website of our Bank and our Bank reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions in this legal warning without giving prior notice.