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Member Business / Pos Services

 Ziraat Participation Bank Member Workplace/POS

​​You can make shopping with the credit cards and bank cards from the member workplaces through our bank’s POS devices. 

POS Types

  • Desktop POS

    These devices are the POS devices used as desktop at cash points. These devices operate over internet via the existing telephone line or ADSL connection of the member workplaces.

    GSM POS devices are the mobile devices operating with the GSM Network telephone line.
  • Cash Register POS/Cash Register

    Our Bank’s POS application can be installed into the Cash Register POS/Cash Registers belonging to the cash register companies with which our bank has agreement.

    You can receive support 24/7 from POS Support Line, 0850 220 50 05.

How can I apply?

  • You can make your application to the closest branch of Ziraat Participation Bank.