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Information on the Protection of Personal Data


​Concerning the Personal Data Protection Law (“KVKK”) numbered 6698 published in the Official Gazette dated 7 April 206 and numbered 29677 with the purpose of protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons , priacy of personal life in particular and to set forth the obligations of natural and legal persons who process personal data, we Ziraat Katılım Bankası A.Ş. (“Ziraat Katılım Bankası”) as data controller would like to provide information according to the article 10 of the Law titled “Data Controller’s Obligation to Inform”.

Ziraat Katılım Bank keeps its system infrastructure and internet presentations at the utmost security level in order to protect the privacy of the personal information that it collects from its customers and/or the customer representatives.

Purpose for which the personal data will be processed

Ziraat Katılım Bank, in the framework of the conditions for processing personal data indicated in the articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK processes your personal data with the following purposes ;

  • To fulfill our obligations arising  from the governing  legislation of our Bank such as the Banking Law , Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law, The Law Regarding The Prevention Of Laundering Of Crime Revenues  Law on the , Payment and Securities Settlements Systems , Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions  ;
  • To comply to information and reporting obligations in the event of being requested by administrative agencies such as the Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency, Central Securities Depository  A.Ş. Financial Crimes Investigation Board , Ministry of Finance, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu(Credit Registration Bureau), T.R. Central Bank;
  • To ensure that banking activities are conducted in line with the company procedures and/or the related  legislation;
  • To conduct activities related to the Participation Fund ;
  • To ensure  that obligations in the framework of contractual relations are performed as required ;
  • To record your profession, revenues, your purpose for performing transactions at our bank led by your identification and address location in order to fulfill our obligations on knowing our customer according to the legislations that we are subject to ;
  • To record within our management system  notifications such as complaints, objections, requests, proposals, satisfaction in order to provide a better service;
  • To issue all records and documents that will constitute a basis to the transaction  in the electronic and paper environment;
  • To plan and implement business activities and operational processes;
  • To conduct  and implement customer relations;
  • To ensure that your   data is  correct and up-to-date;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction ;
  • To Plan and implement promotion and advertisement activities aimed at increasing the volume;
  • To conduct litigations and execution proceedings in which or Bank is a party;
  • To plan and implement corporate sustainability , corporate management , strategic planning and information security processes;
  • To use in the provision of all products and services in the framework of the Banking Law and the related legislation.

The data we are processing to   conclude and execute the contract  with our customer shall be subject to exemptions as foreseen in the Law.

The partnerships in which you, your spouse , your children and those enumerated are member of the directors or general manager or which are controlled directly or indirectly, ,individually or collectively by those or by  a corporate entity or in which they participate with  unlimited responsibility  and the owners of  qualified shares, members of the board of directors or general manager  in a bank, and the partnerships that are directly or indirectly controlled or participated with unlimited responsibility by them or in which they are a board member or general manager and the  natural persons and corporate entities  which have  between themselves indemnification, guarantee or similar relations  of a size that  the occurrence of any payment difficulty in any one of them    may cause  payment difficulties in one or several others  constitute a risk group. Furthermore , the other natural persons or corporate entities are determined by the T.R. Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

Even if you are not a customer , according to the banking legislation your personal data may be processed by our Bank to determine, report , control the  risk group to which you will be included in order to determine the credit limits to be extended to a risk group.

Collection of personal data and the  Legal Reason 

Ziraat Katılım Bank is able to collect the personal data of its customer and/or customers’ authorized persons through all written, verbal and electronic sources , third parties and legal sources.

The legal reasons for processing personal data may be enumerated as   to use  all products and services in the framework of our obligations arising from the governing  legislation led by the Banking Law , Bank Cards  and Credit Cards , Law Regarding The Prevention Of Laundering Of Crime Revenues  Law on the , Payment and Securities Settlements Systems , Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions , to record the identity, address and other necessary information to determine the information of the owner of the transaction , to issue all papers and documents that will constitute a basis for the transaction , to comply with the obligations of information storage, reporting , provision of information that are required by the legislation, legal authorities , to provide requested products and services and to fulfill the requirements of the contract.

Sharing your Personal Information  

For the purposes indicated above, the persons and institutions  to which personal data are/may be transferred to the extent allowed by the legislation and required by our business processes are the public entities , T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş  and its subsidiaries , companies with which we cooperate and from which we buy service. In addition personal data may be shared with public institutions and other institutions due to legal obligations and be subject to legal reporting  . In this framework , in the event that it is requested by the  public authorities In this framework , in the event of a request from legal authorities , sharing your personal  information with administrative authorities such as the Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency, Central Securities Depository  A.Ş. Financial Crimes Investigation Board , Ministry of Finance, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu(Credit Registration Bureau), T.R. Central Bank shall be subject to the exemption foreseen in the law.

Storage of  Your Personal Data 

Your personal data may be stored for the periods required by their processing purposes.Your personal data shall be erased , deleted or made anonymous in the event that there is no other requirement or legal reason , no international law or legislation and in the event that the obligations arising from the contracts are eliminated.

Rights of the Person whose Personal Data is Processed

You may use the following rights on processing of your personal data with a request that you will make to Ziraat Katılım Bank. The requests forwarded in this framework shall be concluded latest within thirty days and the fees in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority shall be collected. In this scope as owner of personal data  you have the right to ;

  • Learn whether the personal data is processed or not ,
  • Request related  information if  the personal data is processed,
  • Learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether it has been used in accordance with the purpose,
  • To know the third parties to whom the personal data  was transferred domestically  or abroad Yurt,
  • In the event of incomplete or incorrect personal data processing, to request  that they are corrected,
  • To request that the personal data is erased or deleted ,
  • In the event that the personal data is corrected , erased or deleted , to request that these transactions are transferred to third parties to whom  data was transferred  ,
  • To object to any result which may be against  them by analyzing the processed data exclusively by the automatic systems,
  • To request compensation of the damage in the event that you have incurred any damage due to your personal data being processed in contradiction with the law

You may personally  communicate  your rights  In the scope  of the Law numbered 6698 with your petition containing documents that certify your  identity and your request at the address of   ZİRAAT KATILIM BANKASI GENEL MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ Hobyar Mahallesi Şeyhülislam Hayriefendi Caddesi No:12 34112 Fatih/İSTANBUL or address  to with secure electronic signature . In this scope , written applications on this subject shall be accepted after identity verification and the related persons shall be provided with a feedback  within the legal timeframes.