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FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart


​General Information

  • FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart is an individual finance product assisting you in meeting your domestic financial needs easily in line with the participation banking principles.

Product Details

  • You may make the payments of the products and/or services you wish to purchase without any invoice information required through POS within the limit validation.
  • You may use the limit allocated for your card either in single use or in more than one expense of over 1.000 TL.
  • You make your spending in cash and make your repayments in minimum 2 and maximum 60​ installments, according to the number of installments you specify at your application. You may choose one of the two different payment dates, either the 10th or the 25th of every month, according to your preference.
  • You may reach your payment plan/plans about FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart through our Branches, Internet Branch or Customer Communication Center, make your installment payment or have your installments paid by giving an automatic payment order, if you wish.
  • FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart are closed to all ATM transactions, e-commerce, mail order/tele order, cash drawing and overseas transactions.
  • The limit equal to the amount paid is not opened within the validation period.
  • There is no assigning or card fee for the FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart.

Which Documents Are Required and How Can I Apply For It?

  • Submitting your income certificate is sufficient for your application for the FİLİKA-Finansman Limitli Kart.
  • Following the approval of your application and delivery of your card, you may get your password by calling 0850 220 50 00, Ziraat Participation Customer Communication Center and start using your card.

We’re waiting your visit to our closest Branch to receive detailed information about our products and for applications.