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FE (Foreign Exchange) Participation Account

 Ziraat Participation Bank FE (Foreign Exchange) Participation Account

​​​General Information

By FC Participation Accounts, your savings shall be under the assurance of Ziraat Participation while benefiting from profits obtained by methods of interest-free fund using. Your savings are in safe hands by Ziraat Participation Accounts!

Product Specifications:

  • You may open your Participation account with the starting limit of at least 250 TL.
  • You may open your FC Participation Accounts as 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year maturity.
  • You may open account with 1 year or longer maturity with profit share payment periods.*
  • Our customers may also open a participation account with flexible maturity with the days of maturity they wish from minimum 32 days to maximum 1095 days.
  • You may value your FC Participation Account with your principal and profit share on the maturity date.
  • Rate of participation to profit and loss valid at the moment FC Participation Account is opened shall be recorded in the bankbook and this record shall be in effect after the account is opened until the maturity date.
  • FC Participation Accounts may be opened only in EUR and USD currencies.
  • Due to legal obligation, income tax is deducted over gross income of your profit.

(*)According to the decree of the Council of Ministers Number 2012/4133, in accounts with 1 year and longer maturity and accounts with profit share payment periods (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year), partial drawing is possible before the maturity for maximum two times and up to 50% of the principal in total. Profit share in the account cannot be added to the principal, it is transferred to a separate private current account. In case of an anomalous transaction or in case the account is closed before the date of maturity, 50% of the profit paid as of the beginning of the maturity for the account.

How Can I Open an Account?

You may come to a Ziraat Participation Branch closest to you and open an account.

Our current customers may open accounts through our Internet Branch.